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Thanks for dropping by. A couple of years ago we wanted to create a  brand to match  and support our work, especially for our ‘creative’ side.  So we did some excellent analysis of WHY we do what we do, big shout out to Simon Sinek  for his insight into business and his inspirational teaching. WHERE  we play in the ‘market’  (SME and Micro SME businesses  in Staffordshire) and WHAT products and services we can deliver to our amazing customers beautiful precision Apps and Analysis technology.

Find out much more about our journey and what we can deliver at EDGE Apps, we look forward to serving you.

Stephen Silk, owner and MD of Design Analytics Ltd.

Exceptional Workflow Software, e-Forms and Business Apps.

Our Customers invite us into their team, to play our part and deliver on our promise.

We promise to  make your business better.


Every small business can benefit from mobile app technology, yes, including yours.

Improve the efficiency of your field based teams. Take less time to process data, make it available to employees who need it quicker.

Provide greater clarity to information gleaned from ever increasing data. What is the information telling you about the way you manage your business?

Gain knowledge on how your business is operating. Have you identified any pinch points in your business processes?

Use the insight  gained to grow your business as you always thought you would.

Crystalise the benefits through beautifully designed business apps, designed to YOUR requirements.

Markets change, sometimes for the worse, well mostly for the worse these days, technology is supposed to help you. 

Finding just the right sort of software technology for your business can take forever.  The biggest cloud based business automation apps can provide a frankly bewildering number of options, methods and processes.

Invariably or so we’ve found, they don’t deliver on the implied (or even explicit) promises made when you buy them. They rarely do what you actually want them to do, to fit into your business.

You face making a costly mistake.

We’re a bit different, well a lot different really.

When we’re involved with a Customer, we analyse the business process that you’ve identified as say, problematic.  We apply our decades of business process improvement, we’re quite ‘mature’, and have seen many scary things and know how to fix them.

For example, maybe you have a process, including lovely paper forms, maybe some pads of forms, in triplicate (we remember them fondly) that worked well when there were two of you, but not so much now there’s ten of you keeping really busy.

So we identify the process blockages, the information gaps, the communications pinch points and create what we call #ScreensOfJoy™  Beautifully created e-forms that talk to each other, Apps which employees find so much less stressfull in capturing data  and processing information. Happy employees are more efficient and effective employees, more able to deliver on their objectives, being much more efficient in their jobs.

Forms Designed For You

Surgery Infection Control
Model Release Form
Field Engineer Job Sheet
Safety Audit
Food Safety Audit & Reporting
New Client Onboarding
Job Costing
My To-Do List

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