Hello Vistors from the Staffordshire University BeInspired programme.

We’re delighted to make a special introductory offer on our  HR Pulse product to companies supported by the project.
We’re here to help you, especially at the beginning of your venture.
We’ve crafted a special ‘be Inspired’ offer from now until end June 2017 with a tasty 20% discount on our fees for the first year of our service to you.
That means we provide you with the very best (we call it Gold) service based on our knowledge derived from decades of HR experience, for a business with up to 10 employees for just £52 per month (about a fiver per employee).
If you’ve already got the experience and just want access to our software, including the annual leave scheduling system, then the cost reduces to just £1.20 per employee per month (for the first year of our service to you)
For more information on this special offer, please contact us on the numbers below 
Thanks for reading this far, hope it was inspiring, apols to Clair and the team for that one.
Sue Green, Director, Evergreen HR, creator of HR Pulse, on 07951 356700
Stephen Silk, HR Pulse Partner, on 07962 203118

CLAIM YOUR 20% ‘BE INSPIRED’ DISCOUNT NOW!, ┬áIf you’d like to contact us via the medium of a form, (and who doesn’t) you can easily complete the three fields on this one, enjoy.

We’ll get in touch within an hour or less.

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